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See RecentChanges for updates to this website, including an RSS and Atom feed. The following table gives an overview about the most important changes on this site:

Date Event Details
2017-02-06 Tech changes Switched to HTTPS (with HSTS) and compressed content
2016-01-19 dir2ogg 0.12 Bug fixes and removal of CD support
2014-09-25 hardlink 0.3.0 Stable 0.3 release, added including xattr support
2014-01-05 hardlink 0.3.0 RC2 Fix a potential data loss introduced in 0.3.0 RC1
2012-09-17 hardlink 0.3.0 RC1 Larger bug fixes
2012-08-17 GPG signatures All tarballs now have GPG signatures
2012-03-03 hardlink 0.2.0 Final release
2012-03-03 hardlink 0.2.0 RC1 Rewrite in C
2012-02-28 hardlink 0.1.2 Fix some bugs
2011-12-09 New design The website has a new design, based on bootstrap
2010-01-28 ndisgtk 0.8.5 NetworkManager 0.7 support, and more bugfixes
2009-08-04 dir2ogg 0.11.8 8th update to 0.11, fixes some bugs and introduces new formats.
2009-05-03 dir2ogg 0.11.7 7th update to 0.11, fixes some bugs.
2009-02-11 hardlink 0.1.1 Prevent overwriting existing .bak files.
2008-12-26 hardlink 0.1.0 Initial release of hardlink
2008-10-13 Debian Developer I am a Debian developer! - read more...
2008-07-14 dir2ogg 0.11.6 6th update to 0.11, by Marek Palatinus, fixes serious bug with FLAC files.
2008-05-21 cdimage cdimage is running debimg master and automatic builder
2008-05-14 dir2ogg 0.11.5 5th update to 0.11, fixing files without tags (LP: #229179)
2008-04-01 dir2ogg 0.11.4 4th update to 0.11, fixing CD-ROM and newer mpg123 versions
2008-03-25 dir2ogg 0.11.3 3rd update to 0.11, fixing tags
2008-02-21 ndisgtk 0.8.2 Use icon theme
2008-02-17 dir2ogg 0.11.2 Second update to 0.11, fixing FLAC tags
2008-02-11 new website use ikiwiki to create the website and use the old design (not the styleshout one) - read more...
2008-02-03 Debian Maintainer I'm a Debian maintainer now - read more...
2008-02-01 ndisgtk 0.8.1 New icon for invalid drivers, updated translations
2007-12-23 new website use a new design by styleshout
2007-12-18 dir2ogg 0.11.1 First update to dir2ogg 0.11, fixing issues with wav and wma
2007-11-29 Ubuntu Member I'm an Ubuntu Member now!
2007-11-26 dir2ogg 0.11 Final release of dir2ogg 0.11
2008-10-03 ndisgtk 0.8 New translations and more
2007-07-07 new website Redesigned the website (Design from mentors.debian.net) and added more informations