My name is Julian Andres Klode, I'm a Debian Developer and Ubuntu Member, amongst other things. I maintain various software taken over from others, such as dir2ogg and ndisgtk; participate in the development of Debian-related software such as APT and its Python bindings; and develop some other software myself, such as hardlink.

You can contact me via one of the following options:

You can also read my blog at and add me to your circles on Google+.

Site History

Initially, JAK LINUX was supposed to be a Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux 4.0, shipping standard Debian packages plus some packages from a custom repository. This plan never really took of, and the site has since become a place where my projects are hosted.

Site Technology

The JAK LINUX is powered by ikiwiki, a free wiki compiler. Only a static export of the website is available, because there is no support for dynamic content on the server this site is hosted. The design is based on Bootstrap, from Twitter, in version 3.3.7, and is licensed under the MIT license. The source code for the website is available at;a=summary.