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Maintenance GPL-2+ Python Github dir2ogg-0.13.tar.gz (GPG, Aug 2019)

dir2ogg is a GPL’ed python script which converts mp3, m4a, wma, and wav files into ogg-vorbis format. It can preserve tags found in the input file where supported. It was inspired by the perl script mp32ogg, but supports much more features these days. dir2ogg is supported in maintenance mode, meaning that it will not receive new features, but only bugfixes (unless someone writes patches for new formats). If you want to submit a patch or report a bug, please do so in the bug tracker at launchpad.net.


The current stable release is 0.13 (NEWS). It is recommended that you install and use this version. If you need an older version of dir2ogg, you may want to visit the directories of the relevant release series: 0.10, 0.11, 0.12.


Users running Debian, Gentoo or Ubuntu can install the software using their standard package managment solution. Ubuntu users need to enable the universe component.

Users running other distributions may need to manually install it, probably like this:



Format Recommended Alternatives
APE (Monkey’s Audio) mac mplayer
MP3 mpg321 mpg123,lame,mplayer
MP4/M4A/AAC faad alac-decoder (for ALAC files), mplayer
FLAC flac ogg123 (included in vorbis-tools), mplayer
MPC (Musepack) mpcdec mplayer
WMA/ASF mplayer
WV (WavPack) wvunpack mplayer
Audio-CD cdparanoia icedax, cdda2wav, mplayer


These are some examples. For more information, read the manual page.

Convert files

Converting directories


“Converting from MP3 or M4A to OGG is a conversion between two lossy formats. This is fine if you just want to free up some disk space, but if you’re a hard-core audiophile you may be disappointed. I really can’t notice a difference in quality with ’naked’ ears myself. You might want to do your conversion, then compare with the original before erasing them.” - Darren Kirby, initial dir2ogg developer