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Historic GPL-3+ Python (2.5) Git N/A

debimg is a software designed to replace debian-cd. It is written in Python and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or (at your option) any later version.

Why debimg?

debimg provides a flexible, fast, and easy way to generate Debian images. The facilities provided by debimg core, the basic package of debimg, enable developers to easily write applications for creating Debian images.

There are many reasons why debimg has been created. First of all, debian-cd is simply to hard to configure, therefore it urgently needs a replacement. Secondly, the possible replacement deb-imgs-gen is written in a bad coding style, and does not use the facilities provided by the Python Standard Library and the APT Python bindings in a way it could be done.

This all lead to the development of debimg in January 2008, which has failed to reach its goal and was therefore discontinued in January 2009.

During the development of debimg in 0.0.X series, it has become clear that the codebase I had created was simply to unflexible, depended to much on the configuration format and therefore made it hard to make big changes.

Therefore, I announced, in January 2009, the creation of debimg core, a flexible Python package which allows developers to write applications for creating Debian images. Together with debimg core, I also announced the plan to create a new debimg based on debimg core and using a YAML configuration format.


The following list outlines the features which are expected to be shipped in the feature-complete release. Most of the features related to debimg core are already available, though.

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