Recent changes to this wiki:

Makefile: push with rsync
template: Update copyright footer
kill externals: Ship own copy of jquery, drop IE < 9 compatibility
We don't want any cdn to be able to track you, right?
about: bs 3.3.7
Update bootstrap
Fix 0.12 release
dir2ogg gpg
creating index page projects/dir2ogg/0.12
dir2ogg 0.12
CV update
Update CV
JQuery 1.11.3
Bootstrap 3.3.5
dir2ogg: typo: It's, not
dir2ogg: Moved to github
Improve license footer
ikiwiki.setup: Move project directory to Projects/website
Add cv
ikiwiki.setup: Drop wiki.git
LICENSE: Document project tarball licenses
Cleanup licensing
Add missing body element
XMLify the HTML
Fix some bugs
Add JavaScript
Bootstrap 3.0
hardlink: Release 0.3.0
hardlink: Rewrite downloads section
Makefile: Set LC_ALL to en_GB.UTF-8
Just in case my system is set to German.
hardlink: Fix 0.3.0~rc2 release date
Release hardlink 0.3.0 RC2
Fixes a potential data loss
Release hardlink 0.3.0 RC1
Add links to the GPG signatures
Add gpg signatures
hardlink 0.2.0 release
index: Add hardlink news to homepage
hardlink: 0.2 is experimental
Release hardlink 0.2.0~rc1
hardlink: Add 0.1.2 tarball
hardlink: Release 0.1.2
ikiwiki.setup: Set historyurl, diffurl
about: Add link to source code
ikiwiki.setup: Enable the map plugin
templates/page.tmpl: Use TMPL_VAR WIKINAME
ikiwiki.setup: Use "About" in menu, not "about"
Add Makefile and ikiwiki setup file
hardlink: update git link
Add a dh-autoreconf page
hardlink: Update page
Update hardlink page
debimg page update
dir2ogg page rewrite
ndisgtk page rewrite
about: rewrite page
Add some more text to index
Update copyright year to 2012
Bootstrap 2.0
Use bootmenu plugin for creating the menu
Add page-header and set meta title accordingly
Move inline CSS into local.css
Switch to a new design based on Twitter's bootstrap
local.css: Add mentors style sheet
projects/dir2ogg: Fix table syntax
index.mdwn: Fix table syntax
Introduce a local copy of the CC-BY-SA logo
Drop donation box
templates: Drop search box
templates/page.tmpl: Drop Google Analytics
templates/page.tmpl: Add basic template
Add shortcuts
project/dir2ogg: Fix <pre> tags
Add about, index
Add projects directory
creating index page projects
initial commit